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The Stacy A. Cross Show is produced by The Comfort Killers LLC and hosted by Stacy A. Cross, author, entrepreneur and coach. Each show dives into 3 segments: health, wealth and happiness. Each week Stacy has a conversation with a guest that will help to highlight and bring awareness to any one of the three areas of life. New show airs every Friday @ 0830 A.M



Replay / Repurposed YouTube stream that published last week. 

I had a private call with my mentor that I opened up to The Comfort Killers. And now we are having a part 2 and I want you to join! 

Is it important to have coaches or a mentor in your corner?



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Jake Kelfer - Best Selling Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur 

Today, my guest Jake Kelfer shares insights and experience on how to cultivate and nurture your network. 

Jake is the bestselling author of the book Elevate Beyond which is a real world guide to standing out in the job market and discovering your passion.
Jake is a high-energy motivational speaker on a mission to help people achieve their own definition of success. Through his speaking, he aims to ELEVATE everyone to live a life full of passion, happiness, and fun!
Jake is also the founder of the Professional Basketball Combinewhich provides NBA draft prospects an opportunity to raise their draft stock and achieve their dream of playing professional basketball 

Learn more about Jake Kelfer: http://www.jakekelfer.com/

PreOrder Elevate Your Network Now: Click Here


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Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross

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How To Develop Trust In Your Business, Relationships and Career!


Today, I talk about building trustworthy relationships in your business and your career. 


How to Win Friends and Influence and People

Trammel Crow - Master Builder 

Trust Based Marketing  

Email hello@thecomfortkillers.com if you are interested in a follow up show! 


Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross

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Dr. Kim D'Eramo

My guest today, Dr. Kim D'Eramo is a physician, bestselling author of the MindBody Toolkit, and Founder of the American Institute of MindBody Medicine. During medical school, she developed a strange illness with joint pain, bloating, headaches, weight gain, aching and chills all over, and severely low energy. After seeing doctor after doctor… dozens of them over an almost 2-year period, most could find nothing wrong and told her to come back if things got worse…

She knew about “mind over body,” and that she was somehow creating this pattern, so she tried to heal herself… but failed miserably. Until she realized the solution existed in a new relationship between her and her body.  She quickly learned how to work with her body, opening up to what it needed, and allowing herself to receive it. It felt harmonious when she did this, and instantly lifted her energy, so she kept going.

Within 10 days, her body was completely healed.

Many doctors, even integrative ones, are trying to “fix the problem” rather than release it at its root. That requires more and more complexity of medications, diet, supplements, or testing. Since you’re not addressing the root cause at the deepest level, the problems get worse and worse as you continue searching.

To learn more about Dr. Kim's MindBody approach to healing visit: https://drkimderamo.com/

To learn about the 3 Ways to Start Living Your Soul Purpose watch her webinar REPLAY by visiting: https://drkimderamo.com/purpose


Email hello@thecomfortkillers.com if you are interested in a follow up show! 


Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross



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Wendy Y. Bailey, CEC, C.NLP

My guest today, Wendy Y. Bailey is a BEAST at showing her clients how to double, triple, quadruple and quintuple their profits. Sometimes it means making little tweaks in language or strategy. Or, she may work on developing and implementing an income acceleration plan. Either way, it's her greatest joy coaching clients to create extraordinary results in their businesses.  

I Charge for That™ are the four most powerful words in selling. These words involve beliefs about yourself and money, your limiting beliefs about selling and how you show up in selling conversations.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means you have a profound belief in yourself and the value you bring to the marketplace. The words, “I Charge for That™” embody the spirit of your beliefs and flow effortlessly from the tongue. These words demonstrate your high self-esteem and establishes success on your own terms.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means you also have dogged determination in setting and achieving your goals. You’re able to excel by setting clear boundaries that safeguard your professionalism and expertise.

The I Charge for That™ mindset means that you have crazy faith in your selling conversations, knowing your most ideal clients ALWAYS recognize how you can help them, they WILL say “Yes!” and they will readily make the investment in your programs, services and products.

Learn more and buy her book: http://www.IChargeForThat.com

Learn more about Coaching, Income Acceleration, and WendyY 

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Nick Holladay - VP Customer Success

I work with Nick on a weekly basis as a result from signing over to Infusionsoft - He is an expert in solving marketing problems that new and growing entrepreneurs face as we aim to automate and optimize our businesses. 

I was interested in learning about best practices and how as entrepreneurs we can do more to automate, capture more leads, generate more sales, wow more customers, and save more time. 

To learn more visit: 







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The Stacy A. Cross Show 

On today's show I discuss 3 ways one could use time to their benefit and how to master patience which can be your downfall in starting and growing yourself or a business. 

-- Visit www.thecomfortkillers.com for more self-improvement tools

Email me hello@thecomfortkillers.com to ask your questions. 


Stacy A. Cross

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Michael McCormick, CPA

Described as CPA 3.0 by his colleagues he is much more than a bean counter. He is always looking out for his client’s best interests and searching for ways to improve their lives. He has honed his professional skills working with the self-employed, medical service professionals, manufacturers, real estate agents and investors, property managers, and wholesalers. As a private company treasurer and controller he was responsible for issues ranging from financial management, HR and employee benefits, to information technology and inventory control. His diverse background and never ending educational pursuits allow him to bring a well rounded perspective to help you reach your goals.

In June of 2010 Mike released his first book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Forming a Business Entity. His second book, Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That?, a compendium of topics and co-authors, was released in April 2014 and reached best seller status on several Amazon lists.

Learn more about Mike and his services over at: http://www.financialclaritygroup.com


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Brayn Humphrey, MSW

Every person is capable of reaching a fulfilling life. Despite one’s background, current circumstances, and abilities, you were born to be a BOSS! The only thing in your way is YOU! Realizing you are already the person you want to become is the first step to uncovering the greatest version of yourself. BOSS UP is an excellent self-help, personal development read for today’s hectic world. Mr. Bryan Humphrey will guide you on how to be more trusting in the process to greatness with all of the situations that you have to endure throughout life. You’ll discover how to: Become more confident Be a Boss Balance life’s circumstances Everything in your life happens for you and never against you. You’ll gain knowledge of how Mr. Bryan Humphrey defeated tremendous challenges in his life. Once you are equipped with the traits it takes to be successful, you’ll be unstoppable!

Learn more about Bryan Humphrey via his instagram @mrbryanhumphrey 

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Erica Glessing believes that when you tell your story, you change the world. She is an international bestselling author 18+ times over, an expert on happiness and creativity, and is the CEO of Happy Publishing.

Listen to The Erica Glessing Show, on itunes or at www.TheEricaGlessingShow.com, an 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepreneurs and lightworkers.


Visit World Class Celebrity Medium to claim your gift: http://worldclasscelebritymedium.com/gifts/


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