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A show for individuals and entrepreneurs that want true result in life. No time for fake ones. No time for bullshitters. Only Comfort Killers.


We Are Back Baby!!!

Sunday 7/7/2019. The Dilettante defined and why we shouldn't aim to be dabblers in life. Become skilled in what you love and in what you do. 

Worldly Wisdom: Maxim 138. The Art of letting Things alone.

Thank you for listening. 

Stacy A. Cross

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My feelings about Nipsey Hussle and how he was a total Comfort Killer in music, business and life. Rest In Peace!



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In today's episode we touch on REALITY and what I learned when I checked the Forbes 400 List. We also talk about Marcus Garvey, Benjamin Franklin and the comfortable answer to the question: Why Are You In Business? 



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In this episode and probably a lot of episodes behind it you'll hear from someone who I respect and study.

Improvement to me is a personal game with personal gains that sometimes can and cannot be measured using modern rulers. The gap between those that do and those that don't is staggering. The respect I have for Guru's have declined. Why? Because everyone is one. 

I can't walk down the street without someone telling me that they are an expert at some shit. There was no years of dedication ..only a few months of work. That doesn't count to me. See me after 5-7 years of consistency. See me after you've turned pro. See me after you've created opportunities, and see me after you've done everything you preach. 

It's easy to get stuck. The formula for stuckness is to follow what everyone is doing. The formula for confusion is to listen to everyone. And the formula for your doubt is not having any ambitions of your own. 

Lee Haney, 8x Mr. Olympia champ starts off this episode and from now until I feel like not doing it anymore, there will be some 80s bodybuilding segment to start off my shows. 

Remain uncomfortable, 

Stacy A. Cross

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In today's episode we talk about being stuck and why we won't grow. 

1. We are comfortable with the routines we set for ourselves. 

Watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger documentary last night and it spawned this entire show. 


**Spoiler alert** This episode is not for the weak minded. 



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You're giving other people so much credit for your success, for you moving out of your comfort zone, for you making a buck - stop it. Take some of it back and get confident in what you are doing. 

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Not talking about your goals in this one. I am talking about ultra energy clearing techniques. There are real energy vampires out there that feed off your doubt, fear and confusion. I want to help you erase them from your life! 

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December 12, 2018

Are You A Shareholder?

Today The Comfort Killers Announced a merger with UDI Group II LLC for business and distribution.

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Conviction - a firmly held belief. 

Want to know how I use conviction - Look, when I am DONE, I am DONE. I don't care about yesterday or the past. I don't care about the mistakes Ive had or the failures that held me back. I don't even care about the choices I've made. What MATTERS is what I do NOW! How do you declare daily and stay on purpose. Listen to this episode!!!


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