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September 21, 2017

The Best Way to Goal Setting Revealed: S.M.A.R.T my A.S.S PT2

Part 2 of The Best Way to Goal Setting Revealed.

The Be-Do-Have Approach.

Goals - already achieved state

Purposes - apply to specific activities or subjects

Policies - Rules of the game to make a group or activity work as a coordinated body

Plans - Major course of action to overcome a certain situation on has run into or is likely to run into. A broad statement of what needs to be done

Programs - Series of practical steps in sequence to carry out a plan

Projects - When a program step is more extensive than first assumed a project can be undertaken to get that step done. 

Orders - Verbal or written directions. Telling someone what to do and telling them to get it done now. 

Ideal Scenes - Desired state of affairs here and now

Statistics - Measures your action and production

VFP - Tangible end product, exchanged with the outside world.

(citing: www.sgmt.at/ClearbirdE/ethics2004/book/adminscale.htm)


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